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As a kid I loved to watch my mom work in her boutique, and I soon got involved as a stylist for her customers. I spent my whole life studying fashion, constantly trying to predict what would come in style next. I learned that fashion trends are not random, they’re planned by designers who share how they want people to feel. Today, I’m so happy to be the founder and CEO of Bujii, so I can inspire women to feel bold as they wear Bujii suspenders.

Throughout my years I developed a skill for fashion. In high school, I took many fashion design classes. I then studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing, where I would develop my deep love for designing clothing; this was a very structured environment, which limited me in many ways with fashion.

I started to spend more time studying every new trend that was introduced in the industry. This ultimately spurred much more creativity, so I began to design my own clothing. Today I’m a much more talented designer than I was when I first started. Fashion  design is a talent developed over many years.

My inspiration doesn’t   come from other brands, but from fabrics and clothing materials. Walking into a fabric store and visualizing my own clothing allows me to place less restrictions on my designs. Allowing fabric to inspire me is what lead me to found Bujii. My first suspender was inspired by the fabric on one of my scarfs, which I used to create the first concept of a truly stylish woman’s suspender.

I envision a fashion world where all of my customers can completely change their outfits without fitting rooms. I envision a world where women pack their suspenders in their purses and bags. After dressing in their standard 9-5 work-day attire, women can grab their suspenders and completely change their outfit for their night out.

Bujii is the first company to offer women a wide array of fashionable suspenders.

Thank you for your support!
Lisa Larian